Oil and Water Handling and Processing – A 5 day Course by Dr. Maurice Stewart


If you want to learn:

  • The surface production facilities for handling produced oil and water
  • The oil/water/gas separation process and equipment
  • The emulsion and oil treating process and equipment
  • The water treatment process and equipment
  • Filtration and types of filters
  • Oil and water metering and types of meters
  • The important parameters in designing, selecting, specifying, operating and trouble-shooting these oil and water processing facilities
  • How to operate, size, specify, maintain, test and trouble-shoot surface equipment such as separators, heater treaters, wash tanks, gun-barrels, storage tanks, pumps, ACT units and produced water disposal and injection equipment

Here is the course information:

Title: Oil and Water Handling and Processing

Instructor: Dr. Maurice Stewart P.E., CSP

Course Materials  

A copy of the newly revised 2nd Edition of Volume 1 of the widely acclaimed “Surface Production Operations: Design of Oil Handling Facilities,” written by Ken Arnold and Dr. Maurice Stewart. This textbook continues to be the standard for industry, and has been used by thousands since its first printing over fifteen years ago, plus:

  • A comprehensive set of lecture notes for after course reading and reference
  • An extensive set of practical in-class “case study” exercises specifically developed by Dr. Stewart that emphasizes the design and “trouble-shooting” pitfalls often encountered in the industry. The suitability and applicability of the case studies is recognized as one of the best in the industry.

For information please contact LDI Training.

Email: LDITrain@singnet.com.sg

Website: https://oilandgascourses.org




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