To people who live near a volcano, it is important to know that the lava flowing out of eruption can cover a very wide area and reach far-away places.

You can watch the latest USGS video below showing the time-lapse of lava flow maps of Kilauea volcano during the period of May 16 to June 25, 2018.

In this video you can see the areal extent of the lava flow and the distance it traveled during the 40 day period. It could have covered more area and gone even farther if the lava had not flowed into the ocean.

This timelapse lava flow maps also illustrate how an island is created and grow bigger and wider.

While we are witnessing eruptions from several other volcanoes around the world in the last few weeks, it is important we do not underestimate the power of volcano eruptions and the damage they can cause. Having said that, we must also realize the awesome creation power of volcano eruptions.

1 July 2018

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