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High Potential Individuals

Stanford University Campus – Photo courtesy of Pexels – Zetong Li

Do you want to be a “high potential individual”? The secret lies in having a good education.

Education is a great social equalizer. A good education can level the playing field for everyone, especially disadvantaged people. Education can open more and better opportunities for them in the future and provide the chance for them to work and live in the places of their dream.

Indeed, the UK government has just announced it is inviting “high potential individuals” to apply to work and live in the UK.

You are considered a “high potential individual” by the UK Government if you are a recent graduate from the world’s top 37 universities outside of the UK. These are universities outside the UK that appeared at least twice in the Top 50 rankings in 2021.

So, you are a “high potential individual” if you are a recent graduate from the following 37 universities located outside the UK:

Now we know why everyone wants to go to the best universities in the world.

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