Oil and Water Processing Facilities

A Webinar by Dr. Maurice Stewart - Oil and Water Processing Facilities


This webinar is designed and conducted by Dr. Maurice Stewart on how to design, select, install, operate, and troubleshoot oil and water processing facilities. 


  • Develop a “feel” for the important parameters in designing, selecting, specifying, operating and trouble-shooting surface production facilities
  • Understand the uncertainties and assumptions inherent in designing and operating the equipment in these systems and the limitations, advantages, and disadvantages associated with their use
  • How to size, select, specify, operate, maintain, test and trouble-shoot surface equipment used in gas/oil/water facilities such as separators, heater treaters, wash tanks, gun-barrels, storage tanks, pumps, ACT units and produced water disposal and injection equipment
  • How to evaluate and choose the correct process for a given situation


Basic Principles

Oilfield chemistry

Basic hydrocarbon chemistry

Physical properties

Phase behavior

Flash Calculations

 Overview of Production Processes

Introduction to field facilities

Hydrocarbon reservoirs and reservoir fluid characteristics

Major operational functions

Equipment and facilities

Offshore considerations



Separator construction

Factors affecting separation

Gas-liquid separation

Vessel operation

Vessel internals

Separator operation considerations

Liquid-liquid separation

Two-phase sizing

Three-phase sizing

Mechanical design using the ASME Code

Emulsions and Oil Treating

Emulsion theory

Factors affecting emulsion stability

Emulsion treating methods

Emulsion treating equipment



Wash Tanks with external gas boots

Vertical/horizontal heater treaters

Electrostatic heater treaters

Oil Dehydrators and Desalters

Emulsion treating equipment sizing

The practical design of an oil treating system

Water Treating

Basic considerations

Pre-treatment considerations

Upstream equipment considerations

Process considerations

Water treating equipment

API Separators

Skimmer Tanks and Vessels

Plate Separators (Downflow/Upflow/Crossflow)

Free-flow Turbulent Coalescers

Induced Gas Flotation Units (Mechanical/Hydraulic)

Sparger Units


Combination Units

Information required for design

Influent water quality

Equipment selection and performance


 Solids removal principles

Water injection system treatment steps

Solids removal equipment

Equipment selection and performance


Fluid principles and hydraulics



NPSH requirements

Power requirements

Pump selection


Oil and Water Metering


Positive Displacement Meters

Turbine meters

ACT Unit Components and Operation

Basis of meter proving

Requirements for proving

Process Control and Safety Systems

Process control

Elements of a process control system

Control loops

Automatic control loops

Closed-loop control

Automatic control loops

Control modes

Advanced control


Controller tuning

Control philosophy

Undesirable Events

Webinar Date : To be announced

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