ROI Certification


This ROI Certification program is organized by ROI Institute.

Dr. Jack J. Phillips and his team will conduct this certification program in Singapore on March 13-17, 2023.

In this program, participants will build the skills needed to develop and deliver effective return-on-investment (ROI) evaluations for learning and performance, organizational development, human resources, technology, change, and quality solutions.

The program emphasizes the ROI Methodology® and participants learn to apply the ROI Process Model—a results-based method for developing application impact objectives, developing data collection plans, collecting various types of hard and soft data, isolating the effects of the program, converting data to monetary values, tabulating appropriate program costs, calculating return-on-investment, and identifying intangible benefits.

Participants are asked to come prepared to apply the ROI Methodology® to a program within their organization and receive one-on-one assistance following the workshop until the ROI evaluation is completed.

During the workshop, you will:

• Apply the ROI Methodology to a program in your own organization

• Get detailed, first-hand experience with every step

• Learn how to measure the contribution of a variety of performance improvement programs

• Learn how to calculate ROI

• Learn how to enhance program results and improve ROI

• Discover how to translate intangible benefits into monetary values

• Practice presenting the results of an ROI study


• Determine data collection techniques, timing, and methods

• Choose appropriate strategies for isolating the effects of programs

• Convert impact measures to monetary values

• Analyse data and calculate the actual financial ROI

• Present results to a variety of audiences, including executives and key stakeholders



Prior to the workshop, you will receive a pre-work form that helps you choose a program within your organization to evaluate using the ROI Methodology. You will then submit pre-work prior to the workshop so that ROI Institute’s Certification Facilitators can best approach the course with your project in mind.


Five days of content-rich, interactive sessions. The focus is on mastering the ROI Methodology and applying it to your project evaluation.


Following the 5-day course, ROI Institute provides one-on-one virtual assistance to help you complete your ROI evaluation as soon as possible and ensure your process and data are credible.


You have the right to reproduce and use materials you receive at ROI Certification as you build capability in measurement and evaluation within your organization.


A unique sought-after credential attained by over 4,000 professionals who have attended ROI Certification. The certification is a confirmation of your ability to measure and evaluate programs of many types and tie your programs to deliver bottom-line business results.


  • Demonstrate ability in conducting an impact study
  • Achieve the designation of Certified ROI Professional (upon successful completion of your impact study)
  • Permission to conduct one-day workshops on the ROI Methodology in your organization
  • Sought-after skills that will make you more credible and valuable to your organization’s executives
  • Become a member of the ROI Network, the leading resource on the application of the ROI Methodology around the world. As a member of the network, you’ll be an authorized practitioner of the ROI Methodology and entitled to give one-day workshops in your own organization. You’ll also have access to the Members Only portal of our website with access to additional tools and resources shared within the ROI Network community.


Anyone who needs the skills to measure the impact of learning and performance improvement programs such as:

  • Trainers and instructors
  • Training supervisors and managers
  • HR and HRD personnel
  • Learning center officers
  • Corporate university officers
  • Performance management specialists
  • Process improvement specialists
  • Organizational change specialists
  • Anyone who wants to be certified in measuring the ROI of training and development.


Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., chairman of ROI Institute, is a world-renowned expert on accountability, measurement, and evaluation. Jack provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and major global organizations, and regularly consults with clients in manufacturing, service, and government organizations in 70 countries. The author or editor of more than 100 books, he conducts workshops and presents at conferences throughout the world and has received several awards and honors for his work.

Jack has enjoyed almost 30 years of corporate experience in the aerospace, textile, metals, construction materials, and banking industries. He has served as training and development manager at two Fortune 500 firms, as a senior human resource officer at two firms, and as president of a regional bank. Also, he served as a management professor at a major state university.

Jack has undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering, physics, and mathematics; a master’s degree in Decision Sciences from Georgia State University; and a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management from the University of Alabama. He has served on the boards of several private businesses, non-profits, and associations, including the American Society for Training and Development, the National Management Association, and the International Society for Performance Improvement, where he served as president (2012-2013).

ROI Institute, Inc., founded in 1992, helps organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs, including measuring the financial return on investment (ROI).

ROI Institute provides workshops, consulting, coaching, briefings and presentations, research, and benchmarking. ROI Institute operates through a network of partners and associates in the United States and in over 70 countries with the help of over 100 ROI consultants.


Date: March 13-17, 2023

Location: Singapore


The registration fee for the program is US$3995.00 per person. Please register here.