PSC Cost Recovery and PSC Gross Split


This live online course is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of the business model, financial and taxation aspects of the PSC cost recovery, and the PSC Gross Split.

This information-filled course is delivered by Dr. Rinto Pudyantoro who has thorough knowledge and experience on the financial aspects of the oil and gas industry and the Indonesian PSC system.

Here are the benefits of attending this course:

  • Understand current oil and gas business in Indonesia
  • Know the difference between PSC Gross Split and PSC Cost Recovery
  • Understand the O&G investment considerations under the PSC
  • Know the financial and economic aspects of the two types of PSC
  • Learn the oil and gas accounting methods
  • Understand the Fiscal Terms and Sharing Mechanism
  • Know the PSC Reporting and Budgeting Aspects
  • Understand Your Tax Obligation Under PSC
  • Study Cases of PSC Tax Audits
  • Learn how to analyze the economics of a PSC project



  • The current climate of oil and gas in Indonesia
  • Update on issues

PSC Refreshing

  • Oil and gas upstream business: system royalty, system production sharing contract, system service, contract, Joint ventures.
  • Nature of upstream business, Risk Management on PSC and Property right
  • Upstream business operation: organization of upstream business & business process.
  • The philosophy of PSC
  • PSC Principles: Project principles, full-cycle principles, risk management, ring-fencing.

Revenue Accounting based on PSC

  • PSC calculation: entitlement principles, over and under lifting, settlement.
  • Cost Recovery: Operating Cost, Capital expenditures, PSC Depreciation, Prior Year Cost
  • Expenditures: Production  Expenditures, General Administration Expenditures, Exploration and Development. 
  • PP 79 tahun 2010: Tax impact & cost treatment 
  • Pricing: ICP, Gas Price, and LNG Price 
  • Revenue Accounting Reporting (FQR Report 16) 
  • SKK Report: A0 report series 
  • Revenue Accounting impact on Government APBN Formulation 

Gross Split

  • Conceptual understanding
  • Dissecting Permen 8 and 52 2017
  • Pro Cons 
  • Impacts on Revenue Accounting: Business Process and Calculation


* Accountants                                                  * Consultants

* Lawyers                                                        * Economists

* Financial Analysts                  * Engineering Managers

* Company Executives                                   * Exploration Managers

* Tax Specialists                                              * Auditors

COURSE LEADER             

Dr. Rinto Pudyantoro has thorough knowledge and work experience on the financial aspects of the oil and gas industry. He worked in accounting for 14 years at VICO and BP before he joined BPMIGAS in 2004 as Manager of Government Income. Four years later Rinto served as Senior Manager of Revenue, Accounting, and Government Income.

Having worked in KKKS and also in SKK Migas, Rinto has a full understanding of the oil and gas accounting process including Revenue Accounting from upstream to downstream operations that leads into State Treasury account.

Rinto Pudyantoro has a Doctor of Economics and has published three books on upstream oil and gas business, The first book is a best-selling book titled: A to Z Upstream Oil and Gas Business published in 2012, Upstream Oil and Gas Project, and PetroEkonomi Evaluation and Analysis in 2014. Then in 2015, he wrote Dialog and Oil and Gas Questionnaire. His articles have been published in news media.    


  • This online course will be delivered live in Bahasa Indonesia via Zoom.
  • Each participant needs to prepare a PC to join this program.
  • Participants will receive course material before the training.
  • Participants will receive a certificate after the training.
  • Training hours are from 09:00 to 15:00 WIB


Course Title  : PSC Cost Recovery and PSC Gross Split

Facilitator      : DR. A. Rinto Pudyantoro, MM, Ak, CA.

Date              : 22 – 24 March 2021

Tuition fee    : IDR 7,500,000 per person

Two ways to enroll:

  1. Enroll online at
  2. Email your enrollment message to LDI Training at