Gas Handling, Conditioning and Processing – A Course by Dr. Maurice Stewart


If you want to learn:

  • The processes of gas-liquid separation, gas dehydration, glycol regeneration, acid gas sweetening, gas compression and expansion, and other gas conditioning methods
  • How to select and operate gas processing equipment such as separators, heat exchangers, absorption and fractionation systems, gas dehydration systems, refrigeration, low temperature separation units, JT plants and compression systems
  • Different type of gas liquid separators and scrubbers
  • Hydrate formation and how to prevent it

Here is the course information:

Title: Gas Handling, Conditioning and Processing

Instructor: Dr. Maurice Stewart PE, CSP

                       Author of Surface Production Operations: Design of Gas

                       Handling Facilities      

 Date: November 19-23, 2018

Location: Singapore

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