HPHT Subsea Tree and Hybrid Umbilical

Subseatree- Chevron - Alder field - technology-alder-innovations-run-deep-tree

This is a HPHT subsea tree used at Chevron’s Alder Field in the North Sea. It is called a vertical monobore tree. The system allows the Alder team to safely control production from the high pressure and high temperature Alder reservoir lies 14500 feet below seabed and manage any fluids injected into the well using an umbilical.

ChevronAlder field -technology-alder-innovations-run-deep-umbilical

This is the hybrid umbilical, merging two technologies – steel tubing and thermoplastic hosing – used by Chevron to provide reliable and efficient subsea conduit to relay power, fluids and communications between the subsea equipment and the platform at Alder field.

Here is the video on the Alder subsea system.

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