The Two Top Oil Operators in Indonesia in 2023

The Gagak Rimang FSO operated by ExxonMobil Indonesia.

The two top oil operators in Indonesia account for more than 50% of the total crude oil production in Indonesia in 2023. They are Pertamina Hulu Rokan and ExxonMobil Cepu Limited.


Pertamina Hulu Rokan, the operator of the massive Rokan block, is the current largest oil producer in Indonesia.

Oil production from the Rokan block has been increasing through its ongoing massive development well drilling program since PHR acquired the block from Chevron in August 2021.

The oil production from the Rokan block went above 172,000 BOPD recently. This is the highest daily production since the acquisition.

PHR has drilled 825 development wells in the Rokan block. While the massive development drilling is continuing, PHR has started drilling the first well to explore the unconventional hydrocarbon in the Rokan block.


ExxonMobil as the operator of the prolific Banyu Urip oil field in East Java produces 164,000 BOPD from the field.

EMCL was the biggest oil producer in Indonesia at one time, producing more than 200,000 BOPD during its peak. However, producing since 2008, oil production from the Banyu Urip field is declining.

To boost its production, ExxonMobil will drill five infill wells targeting the carbonate formation and two infill wells targeting the clastic formation in 2024.

This seven-well drilling of the field optimization program is expected to increase oil production by 18,000 BOPD and add 42 million barrels of oil reserve.

EMCL has contracted PDSI (Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia) to drill the seven wells in 2024.

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